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1 Wu, Wei-Min; Carley, Jack; Gentry, Terry; Ginder-Vogel, Matthew A; Fienen, Michael; Mehlhorn, Tonia; Yan, Hui; Caroll, Sue; Pace, Molly N; Nyman, Jennifer; Pilot-scale in situ bioremedation of uranium in a highly contaminated aquifer. 2. Reduction of U (VI) and geochemical control of U (VI) bioavailability Environmental science & technology 40 12 3986-3995 2.006 American Chemical Society
2 Wu, Wei-Min; Carley, Jack; Luo, Jian; Ginder-Vogel, Matthew A; Cardenas, Erick; Leigh, Mary Beth; Hwang, Chiachi; Kelly, Shelly D; Ruan, Chuanmin; Wu, Liyou; In situ bioreduction of uranium (VI) to submicromolar levels and reoxidation by dissolved oxygen Environmental Science & Technology 41 16 5716-5723 2.007 American Chemical Society
3 Gu, Baohua; Wu, Wei-Min; Ginder-Vogel, Matthew A; Yan, Hui; Fields, Matthew W; Zhou, Jizhong; Fendorf, Scott; Criddle, Craig S; Jardine, Philip M; Bioreduction of uranium in a contaminated soil column Environmental science & technology 39 13 4841-4847 2.005 American Chemical Society
4 Borch, Thomas; Kretzschmar, Ruben; Kappler, Andreas; Cappellen, Philippe Van; Ginder-Vogel, Matthew; Voegelin, Andreas; Campbell, Kate; Biogeochemical redox processes and their impact on contaminant dynamics Environmental science & technology 44 1 15-23 2.009 American Chemical Society
5 Cardenas, Erick; Wu, Wei-Min; Leigh, Mary Beth; Carley, Jack; Carroll, Sue; Gentry, Terry; Luo, Jian; Watson, David; Gu, Baohua; Ginder-Vogel, Matthew; Microbial communities in contaminated sediments, associated with bioremediation of uranium to submicromolar levels Appl. Environ. Microbiol. 74 12 3718-3729 2.008 American Society for Microbiology
6 Nyman, Jennifer L; Marsh, Terence L; Ginder-Vogel, Matthew A; Gentile, Margaret; Fendorf, Scott; Criddle, Craig; Heterogeneous response to biostimulation for U (VI) reduction in replicated sediment microcosms Biodegradation 17 4 303-316 2.006 Springer
7 Ginder-Vogel, Matthew; Criddle, Craig S; Fendorf, Scott; Thermodynamic constraints on the oxidation of biogenic UO2 by Fe (III)(hydr) oxides Environmental science & technology 40 11 3544-3550 2.006 American Chemical Society
8 Tappero, R; Peltier, Edward; Gräfe, M; Heidel, K; Ginder‐Vogel, Matthew; Livi, KJT; Rivers, Mark L; Marcus, Matthew A; Chaney, RL; Sparks, Donald L; Hyperaccumulator Alyssum murale relies on a different metal storage mechanism for cobalt than for nickel New Phytologist 175 4 641-654 2.007 John Wiley & Sons, Ltd (10.1111)
9 Ginder-Vogel, Matthew; Borch, Thomas; Mayes, Melanie A; Jardine, Phillip M; Fendorf, Scott; Chromate reduction and retention processes within arid subsurface environments Environmental science & technology 39 20 7833-7839 2.005 American Chemical Society
10 Xu, Meiying; Wu, Wei-Min; Wu, Liyou; He, Zhili; Van Nostrand, Joy D; Deng, Ye; Luo, Jian; Carley, Jack; Ginder-Vogel, Matthew; Gentry, Terry J; Responses of microbial community functional structures to pilot-scale uranium in situ bioremediation The ISME journal 4 8 1060 2.010 Nature Publishing Group
Authors Title Publication Volume Number Pages Year Publisher