Group Members

Gloria Ambrowiak

Gloria Ambrowiak is a joint PhD student in environmental chemistry & technology and soil science, working with Matt Ginder-Vogel and Francisco Arriaga. She is originally from Kenosha, WI and did her BS at UW-Madison with a major in soil science and a certificate in environmental studies. She did her MS at Oregon State University in soil science with a minor in water resources. She worked as the manager of the OSU Crop and Soil Science Central Analytical Laboratory before coming back to the UW to do her PhD focusing on phosphorus speciation and bioavailability. She has too sweet old lady cats named Olivia and Turtle, and recently joined a hockey league.

Carl Betz

Carl Betz is a Ph.D. student in the Ginder-Vogel group who is coadvised by Francisco Arriaga in the department of soil science. Carl’s current research focuses on neonicotinoid insecticide leaching in agricultural soils. Coming from the East coast, Carl completed a B.S. in environmental sciences with a minor in chemistry at the University of Vermont before starting graduate school at UW madison. Outside of his graduate studies, Carl enjoys mountain biking, playing guitar, and hanging out with his cat Luna.

Savannah Finley

Savannah Finley is an EC&T Ph.D. student advised by Matt Ginder-Vogel. Born and raised in Michigan, Savannah is a proud, first-generation college student, who graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Chemistry and a minor in Mathematics. Savannah is currently researching the long-term threats of geogenic contaminants to the water quality and quantity in the Midwestern Cambrian Ordovician Aquifer System. When not in the lab, Savannah can be found outside hiking, playing volleyball, painting, rock climbing, tuning into The Positive Mindset Podcast, and tending to her giant elephant ear plant, Elephanzo.

Matthew Ginder-Vogel

Credentials: Ph.D.

Position title: Associate Professor

Phone: (608) 262 - 0768

Prof. Matt Ginder-Vogel is an Associate professor in the Environmental Chemistry and Technology program at the University of Wisconsin – Madison. Prior to joining the Madison faculty, Dr. Ginder-Vogel was the manager of process and analytical chemistry at Calera Corporation. At Calera he led teams responsible for production of cemetitious materials derived from industrial CO2 sources. Previously he worked at the Delaware Environmental Institute at the University of Delaware. He received his Ph.D. in soil and environmental biogeochemistry from Stanford University.

Ginny Lamas Meza

Ginny Lamas Meza (She/her), originally from Los Angeles, California, received her undergraduate degree in Environmental Chemistry at the University of Iowa. While at the University of Iowa, she investigated disposition of PCB’s in transgenic mice (alongside Dr. Hans Lehmler), and saccharide enrichment of the sea surface microlayer (alongside Dr. Betsy Stone). She spent 2 years as an analytical chemist in the cannabis industry before returning to pursue a PhD in Environmental Chemistry and Technology at the University of Wisconsin-Madison. In her free time, she plays video games (Oxygen not included, Dont starve, Sims 4) and cares for her 3 guinea pigs Wallace (Wally), Cooper (Cuprous), and Vincent (Vinny). 

Juliet Ramey-Lariviere

Juliet Ramey-Lariviere was raised in New York City and went to Smith College where she majored in Environmental Geoscience with a minor in Applied Statistics. She briefly worked in environmental consulting before continuing on to graduate school. She joined the EC&T program in the fall of 2023 as a master’s student studying geogenic contaminants in an aquifer in Wisconsin. In her free time she likes to make origami, play card games like Set and Dutch Blitz and video games like Stardew Valley and Breath of the Wild.

Hannah Richerson

I am a sixth-year PhD candidate in Environment and Resources with a minor in Molecular and Environmental Toxicology. My research interests lie at the intersection of land use law, water regulation, and public health; particularly, the ecological and environmental justice implications of prison location, siting, and operation on individuals who are incarcerated and the surrounding communities—both human and non-human.

Jenna Swenson

Jenna Swenson (she/her) received a B.S. in both Chemistry and Biochemistry in 2020 from the University of Minnesota Duluth and is an NSF Graduate Research Fellow. She is now a doctoral student in the Environmental Chemistry and Technology program co-advised by Christy Remucal and Matt Ginder-Vogel. Jenna is currently studying the chemical interactions between dissolved organic matter, organic contaminants, and manganese oxides in aquatic systems. In her free time Jenna enjoys reading, baking, spending time outside, and hanging out with her dog, Lola.

AnnaBeth Thomas

In 2019, I received a dual B.A. in Chemistry and Environmental Studies from Austin College in Sherman, TX. Currently, I am a Ph.D. candidate researching various spectroscopic methods of monitoring environmental arsenic transformation. I am also passionate about the intersection of social justice and environmental science education. Outside of research, I enjoy horseback riding, cooking, playing video games (Stardew Valley, Legend of Zelda, Eldin Ring), hiking, and painting.

Marco A. Vallejos

Marco Vallejos (he/him, diasporic settler of color) is a joint graduate student at UW-Madison in the Department of Geography and Nelson Institute for Environmental Studies researching plastic movement in fluvial and lacustrine landscapes. Using transdisciplinary methodologies between geomorphology and waste theory, I aim to (dis)entangle the societal and geologic aspects of environmental plastic from micro to macro scales, applying an environmental justice lens when applicable. I ground my research and way of being in anti-colonial, feminist, and BIPOC scholarship and community. Growing up in south Florida, I completed my BA in Geosciences from Williams College with a concentration in Science and Technology Studies (STS). When not in old academic buildings, I enjoy playing volleyball, fishing, and coaxing a perfect shot of espresso from a finicky machine. 

Past Group Members

Sarah Balgooyen

Credentials: Ph.D. Environmental Chemistry and Technology

Sam Bessey

Credentials: M.S. - Environment & Resources

Courtney Bothelo

Credentials: M.S. Environmental Engineering

Ecenur Bulur

Credentials: M.S. Geological Engineering

Marissa Cartwright

Credentials: M.S. Freshwater and Marine Sciences

Sarah Dance

Credentials: M.S. Environmental Chemistry and Technology

Marie Dematatis

Credentials: M.S. Civil and Environmental Engineering

Marissa Kneer

Credentials: Ph.D. Environmental Chemistry and Technology

Bharat Madras Natarajan

Credentials: M.S. - Geological Engineering

Tim Martin

Credentials: M.S. Environmental Chemistry and Technology

Maddie Mathews

Credentials: Ph.D. Environmental Chemistry and Technology

Jacqueline Mejia

Credentials: Ph.D. - Environmental Chemistry & Technology

Stephanie Napieralski

Credentials: Ph.D. Geosciences

David Nielsen-Franco

Credentials: Ph.D. Environmental Chemistry and Technology

Robin Ritchey

Credentials: M.S. Environmental Engineering

Morgan Sanger

Credentials: M.S. Geological Engineering

Lily Schacht

Credentials: M.S. Environmental Engineering


Noah Stern

Credentials: Ph.D. - Environmental Chemistry & Technology

Elizabeth Tomaszewski

Credentials: Ph.D. - Environmental Chemistry & Technology

Emma Trainer

Credentials: Ph.D. Environmental Chemistry and Technology

Amy Wiersma

Credentials: Ph.D. Environmental Chemistry and Technology