Savannah Finley

Environmental Chemistry and Technology

Savannah Finley is an EC&T Ph.D. student advised by Matt Ginder-Vogel. Born and raised in Michigan, Savannah is a proud, first-generation college student, who graduated from Michigan State University with a degree in Chemistry. Savannah is currently researching carbon sequestration, the capture of carbon dioxide from the atmosphere in an effort to reduce global carbon emissions, in collaboration with Dr. Bu Wang. Savannah would love to be a featured guest on The Positive Mindset Podcast and if invited, could share her amazing skill of reciting up to 211 digits of pi. She is an avid connoisseur of all things food as she loves to sample all of the Babcock ice cream flavors and cannot live without Spinach and Artichoke dip. When not in the lab, Savannah can be found outside hiking, rock climbing, and tending to her giant elephant ear plant, Elephanzo.